This piece was made as my final instillation while attending SUNY Purchase's undergraduate program. Three ​television sets looping video are entirely, or partially, buried into the ground. Each screen displays a pet of mine who has gone to heaven.The looping footage shows rapid cuts a dogs tail, a slow zoom of a cat laying in the grass, and a ferret seen playing around in a flower garden / modeling in in front of a green screen. 

The instillation audio is a medley of various sounds constructed to mimic insects crawling around my buried loved ones. These sounds were made with a kertzwell. To add a light hearted camp, theres also a loop of me humming a cringe worthy cover of a Miley Cyrus' "Twinkle Song" which she wrote about her dead dogs. 

not a Miley Stan, just thought it was the vibe

"Dead Pets" 
7:45, 6:18, 9:32
Three Channel Instillation                 Standard Video, Sound


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