"Strawberry Blister" 
Single Channel Video, Sound, TV monitor, Plaster, Color Print, Artificial Plant


One Day while I was in the food store I reached to buy a pack of strawberries without reading any of the packaging. After my card was declined at the front counter (Self Checkout) I realized that I had gone over my budget because I had picked up a package of organic strawberries. This came as a surprise to me. How can something grown from the earth be inorganic? What causes a strawberry to be inorganic? Why are we charged more for trying to make the right choice for our bodies? Will I ever be able to afford "organic" strawberries? Are there side affects of eating inorganic fruit?  What are the side affects of eating inorganic fruit? 

This project didn't set out to answer any of these questions. It rather is the by product of this overwhelming sense of paranoia in relation to my discovery of inorganic fruits.

Strawberry Blister - Video Documentation from Jake Brush on Vimeo.

This piece is currently being adapted into a short video following the object personified (Right) as they attempt to dance through a world of questionable relationships, sex dolls, and meat rack weddings.

Production for the piece has begun, and will continue into a residency with Signal Culture.

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