"Stupid Janet" 

2-Channel Video
Sculpture, Sound


She is pursuing some lost causes, men that will never be available to her - jobs that are never going to acknowledge her for the work she’s put in. Temporary things that every young person perceives as the ultimate solution. The video quickly became a ritual of lusting after these false idols. She decorates her face with pink cotton balls, and then attempts to eat them. Her thoughts zoom in and out of the frame - “Thinking of you, Thinking of me.” She’s constantly looking up into the sky for an approval that doesn’t come.

All of the power in Janet’s world is held by the Octopus Hand. This character the is the embodiment of Janet’s futile efforts for reassurance. He is a playful monster who lives in an entirely separate world. Octopus Hand is shown stroking and oozing all over the phone without ever attempting to pick it up.

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