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too Am Traumatized By, NOW MORE THAN EVER


Video, Sound, .gifs




 The work is a single channel video piece that stitches original footage, found media, and digitally rendered sets. “I too Am Traumatized by, NOW MORE THAN EVER”  leans into the natural decay of a person living insanely online. A mindset that has rotted, saturated in junk-folder images, vanity activism, pronoun discourse and Himbos. The video comes up for air in brief moments of sincerity. If the video had a personality it would be that of Paris Hilton.  In the first episode of the third season of “The Simple Life” Paris Hilton says that she would “kill herself” if anything ever happened to Tinkerbell, her beloved Chihuahua. Sounds stupid but I get it. Paris Hilton’s Instagram post about her dead dog, and select comments become the narrator for the first half of the work. The second half of the video is a more personal reflection on my own “Tinkerbell” situations. Not so much the death of my pet ferrets, but a reflection on Paris’ statement. “I will kill myself if anything happens to Tinkerbell.” The child-like threat of destruction, the ultimate tantrum, as a means of protesting a natural life cycle. The clarity of grief. 


Point A (I'm annoyed with the queer influencer, queer screaming into the void, queer reposting questionable go-fund-me pages, queer morality politics, and I need some anti-liberal transgression as a treat)


Point B (None of this matters because everyone will die, I love this small defenseless animal more than anyone online, including myself, I will avoid loss by threatening destruction, I will actually just get another pet). 

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