Sculpture, Collage

On January 6th 2017 I lost one of my friends to an opiod addiction. On the same day Tilikum the killer whale passed away at age 35. It was extremely depressing.The thought of them being together, and helping each other navigate heaven was calming. I started making casts of my hands praying as gestures of grief that ended up feeling inadequate. I don’t know why I started eating so many oranges. I rushed into making renderings of oranges, oranges exploding, and took photos of my plaster-casted hands. I layered these images over text messages I now cherish. The whole thing felt inadequate. At the time I thought it was because my work was inadequate. But it was actually because death is so profound and grief cannot be encapsulated. 

Video, Sound 


Cheerfully "Digging for dead oranges!"  SEAWORLD,afterlife is the first segment of various variety show compilations (2018). The hostess is unknowingly caught in a memorial ritual on my behalf. At the time it felt less manipulative. ​I was reconsidering memorials. Thinking about insensitive funeral conversation. Feeling incapable of mourning independently. Attaching sentiment to popularized representations of loss. Its a journey that we go through together in isolation over and over again.

Plaster mold cast, found objects, latex paint