Video, Sound


Two homosexuals meet on a dating app called "SOUL HOLE." The faceless figures become transfixed with each other and bubble together homogeneously in passionless, meaningless attraction. We learn nothing other than that they meet on the platform, and achieve a sense of unity. The two move through the Belvedere guest house (a clothing optional resort catering to gay men), as a single organism.  This project was shot in the summer of 2017, and was edited / scored during my residency at Signal Culture. 

Gay hook up apps i.e. Grindr and Scruff come with a unique digital labor in exchange for unique sexual experiences. The vast majority of hook ups spawned from these apps are meaningless sexual encounters that end in unsatisfying if not comparable situations. These platforms come with a unique, transfixing digital labor. The potential of having your wildest sexual fantasies actualized or attaining a sense of intimacy without having to show all your cards is seductive. It's low risk, 'private' courting. However, what happens is a fast paced excess of toothless scrolling, curating photos, and cringe greeting signals (taps, woofs). These labors are rewarded with mostly empty conquests. Two people, who don't know each other, or have any commonalities slam together and then dissipate. Cruising today is laying in bed suffering from horniess and depression. The central outline of this piece is to play with how infantilized we are under their framework of sexual freedom.